Will to Speak at Virginia Tech College of Architecture + Design 50th Anniversary

Alumni, faculty and students from the Virginia Tech College of Architecture + Design will come together to hold their 50th Anniversary Celebration  of the College during the first weekend in September. The event is a culmination of a yearlong anniversary celebration of achievements and history. 

The College invited Will Belcher to speak at the event. The theme of the weekend is based on the analogy of old riverbed, new water...a solid foundation of the colleges fifty years constitutes an old, established riverbed that guides the fluidity of new water, like fresh ideas and ever-evolving students and faculty through the geology of a solid pedagogy.

Will's talk, titled 'Four Rivers and a Campus' will focus on his recent and built works along waterfronts – focusing on the social dynamics of urban spaces.The talk will take place the Friday, September 5, 2014 at 9:30 a.m