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Bahia Urbana San Juan, Puerto Rico

Under Construction

San Juan Waterfront is an expansive 100+ acre redevelopment of under-utilized industrial, port, and other waterfront properties situated along the northern edge of San Antonio Canal within the historic Isleta de San Juan in Puerto Rico. The project calls for the return of the waterfront to the people of San Juan and Puerto Rico through the creation of a series of vibrant and diverse neighborhoods supporting commercial, residential, hospitality, and civic uses interlinked by a unique paseo and green park system made up of a series of parks, urban plazas, and waterfront paths to create memorable pedestrian corridors. Residential neighborhoods will be comprised of an eclectic and varied product mix. Connectivity and accessibility is a key component of the project’s sustainable development approach; residents and visitors will be able to get to and from the San Juan Waterfront by foot, bicycle, car, light rail, and water taxi. LandDesign, with project partner 505Design, is also embarking on a series of additional planning efforts for the broader San Juan Bay, inclusive of planning for the redevelopment of a cruise homeport and port-of-call facilities, and other attractions.

Will worked on Bahia Urbana while a Landscape Designer at LandDesign.

In collaboration with 505 Design.

Photography © 505 Design/LandDesign