Alexandria Waterfront Master Plan Alexandria, VA

Under Construction

The Alexandria Waterfront project is a 20 year vision for a 1.2 mile stretch of riverfront that has been disconnected from the city and compromised by past industrial use. The OLIN team worked collaboratively with the community to shape a plan that is designed by and for Alexandrians and is deeply rooted in history and culture of the city. The waterfront plan creates a variety of unique outdoor rooms along the Potomac River, for both passive and active use, linked by a continuous pedestrian promenade.  The design integrates flood mitigation infrastructure that also serves as park amenity space.  The re-imagined waterfront meets the recreational and civic needs of a diverse population, restores natural habitat for native flora and fauna, and offers a vision that is economically viable, maintainable and implementable in phases over time.

Will was the Lead Designer & Project Manager for the Alexandria Waterfront Master Plan while at OLIN from it’s inception in 2012 until it’s approval by City Council in 2014.

All Images © OLIN

In collaboration with the Parker Rodriquez, Stantec, Moffet & Nichol