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© LandDesign

Little Sugar Creek Greenway Charlotte, NC

Completed 2011

From Cordelia Park, situated north of downtown Charlotte, to the South Carolina line, Little Sugar Creek extends over 15 miles and traverses 17 neighborhoods; is crossed by roads 23 times; and passes by eight shopping centers, 10 schools, and 6 parks. The greenway will pass through urban, suburban, and rural areas. Within a half-mile of the creek live 40,000 people, and the greenway will be tied to the community at several key locations along its path. Until recently, the creek has been mainly overlooked—a stormwater channel largely out of sight and out of mind. In undertaking the master planning of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, LandDesign’s goal was to strike a balance between environment and community by restoring water quality and natural habitats and by providing a natural amenity and asset to the communities it connects. Providing a viable alternative mode of transportation for a wide range of users, the trail links neighborhoods, schools, employment and retail nodes, and places of interest. During the planning process, environmentally sensitive areas were identified with the goals of improving water quality and protecting natural areas. In an attempt to bring the creek closer to its natural state, the master plan includes uncovering the creek in several urban areas where it had been built over.

Will worked on Little Sugar Creek Greenway while at LandDesign.

Photography © LandDesign