Dalian - City of Five Parks Dalian, People’s Republic of China


The Dalian project represents a tremendous opportunity in the Ganjingzi District to create a visionary and sustainable development that will accommodate corporate campus sites with up to 100,000-200,000 workers and a variety of software engineer apartments, overseas student housing, and specialist-housing units of 50,000. The site location on Northern Lu Shun Road, which is the major east-west artery from Dalian City, provides exceptional access and visibility. All plan elements will be well integrated into the beautiful Forest Park region. The master plan will promote effective mobility, linking to proposed high-speed rail from West Coast to Center City and will fit appropriately into the context of the northern industrial base.

The architectural typology will work harmoniously with the landscape and be flexible enough to adapt to an array of grade conditions. The project emphasized two primary objectives: 1) providing for a village relocation of 600-700 residential units in primarily high-rise form and 2) creating a master plan that is flexible for a variety of uses with an appropriate layout of the land to create social, environmental, and economic benefit. Other attributes of the project site – such as the water reservoir, natural drainage ways, and forested areas – contribute to the uniqueness of this location and the ability to create an identifiable address in which to work, live, and play.

Will was worked on Dalian while at LandDesign. All Images © LandDesign/505 Design

In collaboration with 505 Design

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