Caracasbaai Master Plan Caracasbaai, Curacao

Under Construction

The Caracasbaai Peninsula is a 267-acre brownfield located along the southwest coast of Curaçao and administered by the island’s government and the Curaçao Ports Authority. The master plan calls for a balanced redevelopment of the site, committing 40 percent of the area for establishment of an active, economically self supporting, mixed-use waterfront development with the remaining land area established as environmental preserve. Developed areas are to offer a host of highly integrated uses, inclusive of hospitality and resort nodes, marina and yachting facilities, a commercial and residential district, and—through reuse of exiting marine facilities—a cruise pier and shopping village. The vision plan incorporates a series of low impact development (LID) elements and other sustainable design features to create a development unique in Curaçao and the Caribbean region.

Will worked on the Master Plan for Caracasbaai while at LandDesign.

In collaboration with 505 Design

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